Tips For A Budding Graphic Designer

Young graphic designer working on laptop using tablet at home.?Being a fresher in the field of graphic design can seem pretty scary and difficult to fit in too. Unlike the institutions that teach you how to design and about the rules behind designing, there is no institution that teaches you how to approach the field and how to approach your prospective clients. Getting projects, handling multiple projects as well the clients are all part of the experience and one needs to be able to catch up to the work world before the carpet gets pulled from beneath. Here are a few tips for the budding graphic designers out there.

Artist-Client Rapport

Clients are very important aspects of the work life. Unless you keep the client happy, both your pockets as well as your self-conscience are not going to be satisfied. There are basic facts you need to understand about clients before you begin handling projects and clients. Follow these tips for a good relationship with your clients.

  • Be candid with your clients but do not over sell or undersell yourself
  • Refrain using technical terms. Approach your client on layman terms.
  • You needn’t always agree with your client. Being truthful never hurt and only shows your knowledge of the field.
  • Keeping up with your PR pays off.
  • Remember to get a portion of the payment before beginning your project as a safety deposit.
  • Never argue with an angry client. Give them time to cool off and take time to resume discussion.
  • Always take the pains to go the extra mile for your client. They will definitely appreciate the effort.
  • Ensure that you draw out a contract or agreement with your client and stick to it too.
  • Be professional in your every approach
  • Look out for long term relations with clients and maintain contacts accordingly too.

Marketing Tips

Regardless of your field of expertise and the fact that you might be a freelancer does not mean you can escape the links of marketing. Marketing yourself is a must and you must remember to market yourself constantly too in order to prove your quality and worth to the clients. Here’s what you need to know:

  • While introducing yourself keep your explanations and details to a minimum. Write down a small speech for your benefit too.
  • Dont forget to market yourself through social media too. Use it to your benefit.
  • Advertise yourself on a local scale as well as on a global level. Never underestimate your worth.
  • Having a visiting card or a business card makes you look professional and leaves a good impression in those you meet.
  • Leaving your advertisements on online forums can make you look too desperate. Refrain from doing so.
  • Make a thorough research on the clients you need to target and approach them technically.

Apart from these, you need to remember that you are as much an asset as a liability to your clients. To boost your value, remember to diversify your portfolio and give it a sharp look. Don’t falter at the steps of failure, learn from them and move on. Choose your projects, don’t take up every offer and face difficulty at your cost. Take criticism on a positive note. Remember that inspiration comes from all your surroundings. Take a walk once in a while and keep your mind fresh. It is as essential to remain healthy as it is to remain updated.  Take your daily food and water without fail.

A Look at the Logo Graphic Design Trends in 2016

Business Marketing Creativity Layout Office Working ConceptYou might wonder how logo designing could have a trend of its own in the vast world of graphic designing. What you need to remember is that logo is as much a part of the design trend as any other aspect of the design world. There are experts in the field who collect logo designs through the years and inspect them for any trend setters and trend influencing factors. Logos are the sole identity for any brand of products or services and require minute details to be designed to perfection. Here’s what a group of designers world over have noticed in this year’s graphic design trends.

Mobile Friendly Markers

With the coming up of the mobile friendly era, the android platforms and what nots; logos have also been altered and tailored to suit the mobile world. Similar to how websites are being made mobile friendly and suitable to easy loading in pocket devices, logos too require to be scaled to suit the mobile friendly world. These days, the size of the designs has become more micro than before. Details and dimensions have been removed from logo designs for perfect visibility on mobile devices. Designs have been given a more flat approach, defined by mono-weight lines.

Real Vs Virtual

Trend setters who brought about the evolution with digital art are now facing a lot of rebellion from designers who prefer to stick to hand drawn art forms. Art forms of all genres are facing an attack of both hand-made designs as well as digitally crafted designs. It looks like people want to revert to the ways of hand drawn designs rather than rely on digital platforms to sketch out the designs. In a sense, it seems the human work wants an upper hand on the digital world that seems to be overtaking human life.

Basics of Logo Design

The logo gives one the first impression about the product or service, so it is vital that this design communicate exactly what the product or service wishes to communicate. A logo can be both the asset as well as the downfall of the company. Here are the basics one must know about logo designing.

Basic pen or preliminary sketches are a must when it comes to designing a logo. A basic a sketch out will give you the exact idea what your logo will or should look like.

Equal importance must be given to each and every aspect of the logo. Find the balance between the colors, size, shape and the sketch of the graphic design on both sides. Rules of balance can be broken but a ratio of the balance needs to remain all the same.

Size speaks volumes. Logos need to be designed as per their requirement. Those that are to be placed on letterheads or envelopes cannot be scaled down too much as this will lose its value. Maintain legibility and clarity while designing.

Color has its effect both when present and absent. Use the rules of colors wisely to obtain the best effects to your design.

Design to the trend and style of your client. While your logo may have a style of its own but it needs to carry with the trend of the brand itself.

Choosing the right type of font matters a lot too. Sometimes, the font itself becomes the logo. Approach your logo with a single font or else it could confuse the design.

Logos need to be easy to remember and connect with. Your main goal is to achieve this of your logo.

Don’t feel scared to break the general rules, but at the same time stick to the basics. Keep it simple.

Surviving the Graphic Designing World

Graphic Design StudioArt has spoken through the expressions of both man and nature since the dawn of life on Earth. We see art in the simple display of colors, in the compilation of objects, art in an image, a simple sketch and many more too. To a graphic artist, the imagination is alone the limit of his work. Styles and trends have changed over the many years and have raised the bars in the competition for excellence in the graphic designing field. One will be left behind in dust if he is not up to date with the changing and building times. Remember, it takes but a small step to break out of bad habits, pushing your imagination to higher levels.

Hacking and Sharpening your Tools

Tools of every trade need to be kept sharp and updated to update and upgrade one’s skill. To a graphic designer, the essential tools of the craft are available in multitudes. The digital agency surfs between apple lovers and those who favor the PC. Adobe’s creative suite works to perfection and gives more than excellent results. Apple’s Final Cut Pro 10 is a beautiful edition that renders editing less technical and the output mind blowing. Although one could use the Adobe Premiere for the same effect, FCPX has better navigational system and is more recommended by experts for video editing. Of all these tools, a designer’s best friend is his scribble pad or notebook. Penning your thoughts and ideas on a paper is always helpful before setting to work on it in your computer.

Steer With The Right Perspective

Being a designer doesn’t necessarily mean being stress free and having things your way. There are times when a designer is pressured for inspiration and is ‘artistically constipated’.

Keeping yourself organized and your surroundings clean tends to keep your mind on track and easy to think. A cluttered environment makes your mind feel cluttered too and doesn’t help access the bubbles of imagination.

Remember, communication is also a very good mode of self motivation. Some of the best ideas have sprung by simply having a chat with a person. Acceptance also helps understand oneself and one’s abilities better. This will only enable you to tap your skills at a better angle and from an angle you are better suited for.

Sometimes focusing your senses to a single perspective helps notice the slightest of differences your mind rarely catches on. Try using a pair of good earphones or headphones. They can effectively drain out the unnecessary and distracting sounds and help tune your mind to a more soothing and constructive thought.

Self Help Is The Best Help

Regardless of the industry of your work, it is essential that you understand the concept of self help. Unless you learn to help yourself, you will never surface among the sea of coworkers and stand out with your talent. Motivating yourself from within is as essential as gaining motivation from the things and those around you. There may be times when your clients will tend to guide you to a specific requirement and may even ask for a specific design. You will need to understand here that, the brand needs you more than the client. Simply nodding your head to knowing the difference between a good and bad design is what makes you stand apart as a professional Graphic Designer. Stick to your values and also have a keen ear for what people ask of you.